The Sufferfest becomes partner of Kathryn Bertine's Homestretch Foundation

As long-time Sufferlandrians know, The Sufferfest has been a big supporter of women's cycling. We produced the first cycling training video, Hell Hath No Fury, to feature female professional racing (and today we have 9 videos featuring female athletes), were the first sponsor of the UCI's Women's World Cup (where we introduced 'The Suffer Prize) and support many female teams around the world and elite female athletes.

We were also the first corporate sponsor of a documentary on women's racing called 'Half the Road' That film was created by Kathryn Bertine, an absolute legend and incredible change agent in the world of cycling.

So when Kathryn, who just retired as a pro cyclist, told us she was setting up the Homestretch Foundation to make the lives of female cyclists more comfortable we knew we had to be involved to help them Suffer more.

The Homestretch Foundation, a nonprofit organization in Tucson, Arizona, provides free housing and training support for up to ten female cyclists, helping to relieve the financial burden that many athletes face. Throughout the rest of the year, the foundation works to eradicate salary inequity – not just in sports, but in every occupation. Their ultimate goal is to help reduce the immediate living expenses of female athletes who have reached the same level as their male counterparts.

We strongly believe in The Homestretch Foundation’s mission as it's all about facilitating change, promoting equality and empowering women in the cycling community. We’re proud to be a part of that movement -- but, of course, we needed to bring more Suffering to the table.

So! Thanks to The Sufferfest, athletes will now receive free, weekly motorpacing sessions, a key element pro riders use to build race fitness, but which is often out of reach because of the cost. We also provide all Homestretch Foundation athletes with unlimited use of The Sufferfest Training Centre App.

“We are incredibly grateful for The Sufferfest in helping our athletes take advantage of motorpacing, which is not only a key component to training, but  suffering in its purest form,” say Kathryn. “Since The Sufferfest has come on board to support equality for female cyclists, it has been a win-win situation for everyone in our sport.”

To learn more about The Homestretch Foundation listen to The Sufferfest podcast, ‘Everybody Hurts’ and the interview with Kathryn Bertine here.


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