The Sufferfest App for Windows


The Minions have been Chamois Dancing all night to celebrate the FULL release of our Sufferfest Training Centre Windows App.  Want to sign up?

    • Stream or Download our entire library: You'll have fully integrated, streaming or download access to every one of our 37 (!) videos, including our newest ones and app-only exclusives like our Mash-Ups, Open rides and updated versions of older videos as we release them! Having downloadable videos means that you can still use the app and ride to the videos even if you don't have a wifi connection in your  bike torture chamber.
    • Connect your devices by ANT+: Hook up power meters, power pedals, cadence and speed sensor and heart rate monitors. You will need an ANT+ stick for your computer. Here is more about that.
    • Smart trainer control: With the correct ANT+ USB stick, the app will pick up your smart trainer data and display it on screen and control your smart trainer.
    • Take a fitness test: Run Rubber Glove and the app will set your FTP (Functional Threshold Power) and LTHR (Lactate Threshold Heart Rate) targets for all your other workouts going forward.
    • Virtual Watts: Don't have a smart trainer or power meter but still want to train like the pros? Connect your speed sensor train with Virtual Watts. Here are our compatible trainers.
    • Store and analyse all your workouts: See all your workout data in your Passport.
    • Sharing to other platforms: Share to Strava and TrainingPeaks. You can also share the .tcx file by email and upload that to other platforms. After Nov 4th, you'll be able to share workouts in your passport.

      Ready to Suffer? Here is what you need to do to start your 7 day free trial:

      1. Create an App account here. If you choose to continue after your 7 day free trial, the subscription is just $10 USD/month (you can easily cancel at anytime if you want to head back to Couchlandria). One account will work across all of your devices, including Windows, Mac, iPad and iPhone.
      2. Download and install the Windows App here.
      3. If you have any problems, have a look at our Help Centre FAQ resource first. Then, if you still have trouble, drop a line to and they'll sort you out.

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      Try the sufferfest for free

      One subscription works across Windows, Mac, iPad and iPhone devices. Try it for free for 14 days. No card necessary. Cancel easily at any time. If you continue, it’s just $12.99 USD/month or $99 USD/year.

      No games. Just gains.