Sufferfest Workouts on TrainerRoad

Hi everyone. If you're a TrainerRoad user, you would have received an email today letting you know that we've asked them to pull our workouts off of their system. I'll do my best to explain why we've done that here.

The workouts for our videos our the intellectual property of The Sufferfest. Much as TrainerRoad doesn’t like to see their workouts on other platforms in order to protect their interests (there was a situation last year with their workouts appearing on Zwift where they justifiably had them removed), we feel the same here.

Although our sessions have been available in TR for quite some time, the trainer app landscape has changed dramatically since we first started selling downloadable videos. Today, having our workouts available on the platforms of competitors isn’t a good business strategy nor does it allow us to deliver the most effective Sufferfest workouts possible.

With a sophisticated app of our own now, and sports science from one of the world's best coaching businesses, we want to make sure that Sufferlandrians are able to train with the best experience possible. If you want to ride The Sufferfest, then doing it with our app is the way to do it. If you want to ride TrainerRoad, then you can do that over there. The mix of the two just isn't possible anymore.

For many of you, this decision won't come as a surprise and will make a lot of sense. For others, this decision might be upsetting. I apologise for the trouble and hope that, if you haven't yet, you give our app a chance. It's free to try.

Thanks for reading and understanding. I'm here for any dialogue/conversations/questions/comments/PAINMISERYAGONY.

Everybody Hurts, David

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