Strength Training for Cyclists Is Here

The Sufferfest gives you all of the tools you need to get faster, get stronger, get tougher, and crush your goals. Whether it's our groundbreaking 4DP platform, Yoga for Cyclists Programme or resources to help you build Mental Toughness, it's the most complete, effective training platform out there. Now there's another weapon to add to your arsenal.

Introducing The Sufferfest Strength Training Programme.


Stronger is Faster.

If you want to unlock your potential as a cyclist it's not enough to just ride. What you do off the bike is as important as what you do on it. Available November 1st with your subscription to The Sufferfest Training System, SUF Strength is a progressive, body weight-based circuit training programme designed to improve your performance on the bike. All you need is a mat or towel, a couple of water bottles, and a desire to take your fitness to the next level.

Here's How It Works:

Developed in partnership with APEX Coaching, The Sufferfest Strength Training Programme guides you through a 24-week progression of 22 videos and 97 exercises to systematically build your strength, balance, and power. To get started:

  1. Choose one of our cycling or triathlon plans (available free through TrainingPeaks and Final Surge) that are optimised for strength training. These plans are lower volume to accommodate the addition of strength sessions.
  2. Based upon your previous strength training experience, choose either the Beginner or Intermediate SUF Strength progression.
  3. Add SUF Strength to your main plan. To ensure that sessions are properly synced to your cycling workouts, make sure you choose the same start date as your cycling plan.

Just like The Sufferfest workouts, SUF Strength was designed for the time-crunched athlete. The programme only requires two sessions a week, making it easy to add strength training to even the busiest schedule.

Do I Really Need Strength Training?

You bet your shredded chamois you do. Cycling is great for building cardiovascular fitness, but as a non-weight bearing exercise it doesn't do much for your tendons, ligaments, or bones. That's a big problem, especially for older cyclists. Plus, without a strong core or stabilizer muscles you won't be able to put all of that badass Sufferlandrian power into the pedals. That's just wasted watts, friends, and you know how much The Minions hate wasted watts.

Can't I Just Hit the Gym and Start Lifting?

Not so fast, Lou Ferrigno. You need to give your body ample time to adjust to the stresses of strength training. Do too much too soon and you might find yourself on the business end of a season-ending injury. You also need to make sure you're doing the right exercises at the right time so it translates to better performance on the bike. Leg extensions and calf raises aren't going to make you faster. Neither will destroying your legs doing lunges right before you go toe-to-toe with ISLAGIATT. 

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