Show Me The Way Out!

The forces of Couchlandria are strong and not to be underestimated. Just because they can't be bothered to do much of anything (except contemplate their navel) doesn't mean that they can't work their mind games on even the most devout disciples of Grunter von Agony. I mean, they have SOFAS and DONUTS!

But Sufferlandria is well-equipped to combat the forces of the enemy. This is the story about how The Way Out may be Sufferlandria's greatest secret weapon for destroying the Couchlandrian within.


here's what your fellow sufferlandrians are saying about the way out

It lulls you into a false sense of security:

The Way Out couples nicely with To Get to the Other Side, which is, like, double the Suffering!

We're not immune to some criticism, either:


the workout

Designed by Coach Sir Neal Henderson of BMC Racing and Apex Coaching, The Way Out is a 'sweet spot' workout that gives you an hour of efforts just below threshold and at a series of different cadences. Says Coach Neal, "The benefit of training just below FTP is that you can accumulate a fair amount of time there with minimal rest required. The recovery from the workout will be more rapid compared to above threshold intensity workouts and we find that there are great improvements in lactate clearance that occur from training just below threshold...even more so than when training above it."

Wait... hold the phone! Working a bit less hard for the same (or better!) training stimulus? If that's not sneaky, Couchlandrian destroying suffering, than what is?!

Even though a lot of the work is below threshold, the intervals and cadence targets are just tough enough (to earn another donut).

the footage

Quite simply, it's stunning. Just feast your eyes on this:

All footage was painstakingly pieced together by Grunter von Agony himself, but all the hard work of riding the damn mountains and getting the gorgeous footage fell on the capable shoulders of The Col Collective. Mike Cotty suffered so that we could too!

the music

Mellower than your typical Sufferfest, but still extensively curated to suit the workout. We comb through hundreds (if not thousands) of songs across numerous licensing sites to bring you great tunes you wouldn't find anywhere else. Feelin' Alright by Bogan Via is a particular favourite. 

Who should do the way out

Recovering Couchlandrians, aspiring Sufferlandrians, stage racers, fondo riders, group ride ninjas, fans of Mike Cotty and the #CowCollective - cyclists and fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life should absolutely work this hour-long workout into their routine. It hits the right zones, transports you to another place and will help dramatically transform your fitness. 

tips for getting the most out of the way out

Seriously, stick to the script. This is a well thought out workout, so don't go too hard, that's not what The Way Out was designed for.

  • A reminder that Elements of Style is a key video that were refer to time and again, so if you haven't already check it out and learn your systems check. Keeping your hips stable is essential to nailing The Way Out.
  • Prepare for long and sustained efforts and a low cadence - they're a doozy (but in a totally fun way!).
other ways to ride the way out

There are a lot of low cadence/high pedal torque segments in The Way Out. If you suffer from anterior knee pain, or simply want another way to experience this workout, increase the low cadence targets (50-70 RPM) by ~ 20-40 RPM, depending on your comfort level and ability.

Oh, and...

  • When Mike Cotty stands, you stand!
  • When you see a cow, take a drink of water (Mike's favourite drinking game).
We suppose you could also ride this as an above threshold workout, but only if you're very fresh and don't like listening to Sir Neal Henderson...he's only coached World Hour Record holders, yellow jersey holders and Olympians, what does he know about training?! 


now what?

Destroy the inner Couchlandrian with The Way Out! You can purchase The Way Out here, and app subscribers can stream or download the video for the ultimate experience.



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