Prime Time! New Workout, Cash Register, Available Now.

Time to make it rain.

Back in his heyday, American cyclist (and all-around badass) Davis Phinney was known as "the Cash Register". If there was a mid-race prime or finishing sprint and money was up for grabs, nobody could beat Davis to the line. The man could bring home the bacon.

Now it's your turn.

Available now, Cash Register is a new 30-minute workout that delivers a ton of bang for the buck. 

Over/under intervals that have you going above and then below your threshold are a tried-and-true way to improve fitness. Cash Register riffs on the classic over/under format by throwing a few all-out sprints into the mix.

Each set consists of a sprint effort that targets your Neuromuscular (NM) power. After the smoke clears you'll settle into a controlled, below-FTP effort designed to help your body learn how to clear lactate from your muscles more effectively. Each effort finishes with a big surge that targets your Anaerobic Capacity (AC). In just 30-minutes you'll improve your sprint power, FTP, and anaerobic capacity, making Cash Register a punchy, well-rounded workout. 

Featuring exclusive footage from the Critérium du Dauphiné, this workout will have you sprinting to save the SUF National Team and secure your status as the real breadwinner.

If you're pressed for time and don't think you have time to bang out a killer workout, think again. Cash Register fits the bill. 



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