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Grab the Keys and Go

You're in the Tour de France with the SUF National Team. Everyone on the team has won a stage....but you. Now it's your turn. The only problem is the entire team is sleeping off a hangover and your substitute Team Director has never done this before. Can you pull off the win?

Joyride is all about Maximal Aerobic Power. MAP refers to the maximum rate of oxygen delivery and uptake by your body and is an important value in endurance sports. During this 30-minute session, you’ll be doing five MAP targeted intervals. The first is 3-minutes long and each successive interval gets 30 seconds shorter until you end with a final effort of “just” 60-seconds. The structure of each interval varies to keep you on your toes – some with increases in power, some with decreases.

The cadence targets for this session are generally going to be a little higher than is comfortable for most people. This is by design. We’re looking to maximize the cardiovascular stress of this session rather than loading up your muscular system. But don’t worry, you’ll still feel it in your muscles.

To keep the total stress of this shorter session fairly high, you’re going to have just enough recovery between each effort, but nothing extra – so don’t let the short duration fool you into thinking this is an easy session. On the contrary, you might just find this to be one of the more challenging—and productive—sessions in The Sufferfest library. Now, go get that stage win.

Good For What Ails You

Do you have Couchlandrian Tendencies? This short, but powerful, workout will cure you of the affliction and reassert your inner Sufferlandrian. The Cure is based on a combination of specific micro-intervals (made famous by Japanese coach and physiologist Izumi Tabata) that we have combined with classic tempo efforts. This gives you a superb mix of AC, MAP and FTP training stresses in one short workout to help you go faster and stay stronger.

For the sports science purists among you, the 'Tabata' intervals should actually be named 'Koichi' intervals, since it was Japanese speedskating coach Irisawa Koichi who first employed the use of the 20s on/10s off intervals that Dr. Izumi then confirmed via physiology lab studies to yield the best mix of maximal aerobic and anaerobic stress among the different on/off protocols that he tested.

For this workout, we have toned down the original intensity of the Tabata intervals to target Maximal Aerobic Power rather than Anaerobic Capacity. Reducing the intensity allows you to complete the 20/10 micro-intervals and then follow them immediately with sustained 80-100% of FTP intervals. This replicates the repeated attacks followed by sustained efforts that are common in bike races.

From a physiological perspective, you’ll produce lots of lactate during the micro-intervals. The goal of the tempo / FTP efforts is to stress your body’s capacity to clear that lactate as quickly as possible. Effectively, we’re trying to maximize lactate 'flux.'

For each successive round of the efforts, you’ll do one less micro-interval and the Tempo efforts will get shorter. But (because you’re a Sufferlandrian) they won’t get easier and the rest between sets will get shorter. The intensity for the Tempo efforts will also ramp up with each repeat. Fortunately there are only 3 sets of efforts and you’ll be done in just 30 minutes. If you’ve set aside an hour for this workout, you’ll be happy to have those additional 30-minutes for recovery after this session.



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