New Swim Strength and Upper Body Strength Sessions Available Now

With regular training routines disrupted by the current health crisis, most triathletes are finding it difficult to train in a pool or open water.

To help athletes maintain their swim fitness while stuck indoors, the SUF Sports Science team developed a series of 3 new strength training sessions designed specifically for multi-sport athletes who aren’t able to get to the pool:

  • Swim Strength A
  • Swim Strength B
  • Upper Body A

All of these new sessions are included in the 4-week ALL IN multi-sport training plans and can be found in the Strength section of the workout library in The Sufferfest app. 


Swim Strength A



Designed by our Sports Science team specifically for multi-sport athletes who aren’t able to get to the pool, this is a total body strength training session with a heavy emphasis on upper body, trunk and hip exercises. The workout includes:

  • Mobility exercises for the hips, mid-back and shoulders in order to activate muscles, increase range of motion and prevent injury. For example, the shoulder internal rotation strengthens the high elbow catch position, while the shoulder external rotation strengthens the rotator cuff muscles and allows for proper movement of the arm overhead.
  • Kicking on your side to maintain the strength and endurance needed to apply pressure to the water on both the downstroke and upstroke of the kick.
  • “Swimming” with a band. Maintaining the specific muscle endurance required for swimming is exceptionally difficult without actually swimming, but performing the movement pattern, even without a band or one arm at a time, is a great way to maintain some of the muscle conditioning that you’ve already developed.
  • Isometric exercises increase neuromuscular activation and provide the muscles with more time under tension, or amount of time that they’re in the contracted state.


Swim Strength B


Created specifically for multi-sport athletes who aren’t able to get to the pool, this is a total body strength training session weighted heavily on upper body, trunk and hip exercises. This workout - which is a fantastic workout for anyone that wants to become a more well-rounded athlete - includes:

  • Integrated trunk stability and pulling movements which simulate swimming
  • Integrated trunk and hip flexion and extension exercises for increased kicking power (planks, leg lifts, lunges)
  • Movements that allow proper positioning of the scapula for a powerful pull
  • Various pushing and pulling movements for a strong catch and pull
  • Rotational exercises to maintain coordination of the upper and lower body as well as a powerful hip driven swim stroke.

Upper Body A


This routine differs from the standard SUF STR program because it is focused mainly on upper body/trunk strength. Your torso/trunk can often become the weak link in the chain when trying to transfer power from your legs to the pedals. For disciplines demanding extra upper body strength (MTB, CX Track and Multisport) the same applies to your upper body. Without good Trunk/Upper Core strength and stability, additional upper body strength won’t transfer to better performance. That's why this program does not focus exclusively on arm/shoulder strength, but rather your upper body and core as a whole. It's easily incorporated into any training program during “on” weeks. While the performance benefits will be more evident to Triathletes/MTB/CX racers, this program can benefit anyone from a whole-body fitness and health perspective.

This is a challenging session, and not everyone will be able to get through it from start to finish without additional rest or modifying moves. That is okay and only means that you will see even greater benefits from incorporating this session into your regular training. Like the rest of the SUF STR series, we do not recommend incorporating this session into your recovery weeks. You are more likely to see improvements in upper body/trunk strength if you give your upper body/trunk a chance to rest and adapt.


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