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Grunter von Agony has been working in his secret laboratory, toiling like a be-chamoised Dr. Frankenstein to create a monster. This chimera of pure, unbridled evil is the product of an unholy union between two of the most feared workouts in The Sufferfest canon. Nine Hammers alone requires months of therapy just to process the trauma. The Shovel by itself strikes fear in even the most battle-hardened warrior. Together, they border on the insane.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you THE TOOL SHED.


Step Into the Shed

This is a session for those looking to see how deep they can truly dig - or for those who think they might need to update their 4DP metrics (If you finish this session with minimal swearing and without stopping, it's time to expose yourself to Full Frontal).

Shovel Sandwich

You might look at the profile and say to yourself, "Only the 2nd set from the Shovel?! Sounds like cheating." You would be right. That's why we would never do something as crazy as have you start the 2nd set from The Shovel with fresh legs. Instead, you get to be the Nail for the first 3 efforts from Nine Hammers. Once you've done that and wrapped up that 2nd set from the Shovel, all that stands between you and that massive pit of exhaustion and GLORY are 2 more Hammers. Did we mention they were Hammers 8 and 9? No? Good, good. Forget we said anything. Just pretend you have 3 Hammers and 1 Shovel to contend with. Those last 2 hammers are "Future You's" problem - let that chump deal with that nightmare.


If you're thinking, "this is insane, but will this make me faster?" the answer is YES (and, at least in the short term, quite miserable). The Shovel packs a massive AC punch, with inverse-micro intervals that dish out ever higher the power the shorter the interval. While 9 Hammers packs a huge MAP/FTP punch, it also helps drive up your sustained power regardless of what your rider type or weakness is. Facing the first 3 Hammers gives your Aerobic (MAP/FTP) system a hefty load to deal with, and will just about fully deplete your AC stores. Which makes this the perfect time to start the 2nd set from The Shovel.


With depleted reserves, starting with the short 5-second sprints ensure you are just fresh enough to push your NM system, but fatigued enough that your AC never fully recovers for the duration of these intervals. With your AC depleted, heart rate pegged, and breathing rate through the roof, the last thing you WANT is the final 2 Hammers. This isn't about what you want though. This is about what you need. By the time you start this set of Hammers your top end power will be feeling completely drained, any "snap" you might usually rely on to make it through these 3-4 minute efforts will be long gone. That means you are facing down the final 2 Hammers relying solely on your MAP and FTP. The higher your FTP the faster you will recover. The higher your MAP the greater the punishment you can handle.

Once you pick yourself up off the floor from Hammers 8 and 9, you will have pushed your body to its absolute limits across almost every 4DP metric, which will help you become a tougher, faster, more badass Sufferlandrian.


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