New iOS App Now Available, Featuring Updated Device Connections.

That smoke you've seen billowing from the crater of Mount Sufferlandria has nothing to do with an impending eruption. The Tech Minions have had their forges going full blast creating the latest version of The Sufferfest app for iOS. After countless hours of polishing and testing, version 6.0.4 is now available.


What's New?

  • NEW: Say goodbye to the old Ride Check screen. Now you can connect and refresh all of your devices in the workout player, just like on the desktop version. 
  • NEW: Never let a dead battery in your HR monitor. cadence sensor, or power meter derail a workout again. The app will warn you if a sensor battery is low. Nothing must interrupt the Suffering.
  • UPDATED: Ever wonder if your activity saved? Wonder no longer. We've made the saving status clearer. 
  • UPDATED: You just finished a workout and can't see straight. We made the 'Finish Workout' button more prominent so you can see it even through bleeding eyes.
  • FIXED: The orientation of the workout player now rotates with your device. No more upside-down workouts.
  • FIXED: Display of your Lactate Threshold Heart Rate in your passport no longer covers up other info. Because we heart you.

We also made the decision to sunset support for ANT+ on iOS. You can still use your ANT+ devices on macOS and Windows, or with an ANT+ to Bluetooth bridge on iOS. Learn more about the change and what to do if you're affected here.

How to Connect Your Devices on the New iOS App

Say goodbye to the venerable Ride Check screen of yore. We've updated the device connection process in iOS so it's the same as desktop. Not only is it easier to manage your connections, you can also clearly see their status and refresh them right from the workout player. 


Getting Started

Once you've chosen a workout and pressed the play button you'll be taken to the workout player.  The SETTINGS menu will be opened to the DEVICES tab.

If this is your first workout in the new app you won't see any devices connected, but after setting up your connections they'll appear here and the app will connect to them automatically. Nifty!


Finding And Selecting Devices

1.  Click the 'Add Devices' button in the DEVICES tab of the menu.



2.  A new menu will open showing devices that are available to connect.  Tap on a device to connect it.  Tap on '< Devices' to go back.  


3.  With your sensors connected, you can now choose how the app uses those sensors.  Make note of the connection icons below the sensor name. We'll get to what each of these icons means in a bit.

Note: When the app sees a smart trainer you will also have the option to select between Erg (where the app automatically controls the trainer resistance) and Level modes.


4.  Once you have your sensors connected and their connection type selected you are ready to ride.  To close the SETTINGS menu just tap the 'X' in the top left of the window.


Connection Icons and What They Mean


Trainer Control: If you have an interactive smart trainer and you are connected with Bluetooth you should see this option.


Power: Power can come from a smart trainer, power meter, or Virtual Watts setup. Selecting power does not allow the app to control the trainer. Use the Trainer Control option and ERG mode for that.


Cadence: Cadence can come from a cadence sensor, power meter, or in some cases, a smart trainer.


Speed: We use virtual speed to calculate speed in The Sufferfest app. 


Heart Rate: Heart rate can be captured using any Bluetooth-compatible heart rate monitor.




Questions about the new app? We can help.

If you're having trouble connecting or you have further questions, please drop us a line at




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