Join Us 29 April for The Mental Training Programme

Elite athletes know the importance mental strength. They know that achieving their athletic potential and delivering a winning performance isn’t just about physical conditioning, it’s a state of mind.

Included with the app, the 10-week Mental Training Programme is a series of 20 audio modules and exercises designed to train your mind and improve your mental game.

Thousands of Sufferlandrians have seen incredible results from these easy-to follow techniques and exercises. If you haven't explored the Mental Training Programme because you didn't know how to start or needed an extra push, now is the time.

Join us April 29th as we start the 10-week programme together. The Mental Training Programme Facebook Group is a place where you can ask questions, share your experiences, and support your fellow Sufferlandrians as we build the four habits of the mentally tough.


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Just like The Sufferfest workouts, we designed the Mental Training Programme specifically for time-crunched athletes like you. Most days you’ll only need a few minutes. At most you won’t need more than half an hour. Do the work and you'll see results.

Download the  fillable PDF workbook now and get ready to turn your mind into your greatest asset.


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