Join the 30-Day Power Up Yoga Challenge

Join Abi Carver of and your fellow Sufferlandrians 9 September thru 8 October, 2019, as we take on 30-day Power Up Yoga Challenge. This challenge will focus on building strength, improving flexibility and getting you prepped to dive into The Sufferfest Strength Training Programme.

The Power Up Yoga Challenge is open to athletes of all levels. That said, some of the sessions are a bit challenging. If you're new to yoga (or cross-training in general) and find some of the poses a little taxing, don't worry. Do what you can and gradually work up to the more challenging poses. You'll be amazed how much you'll improve in 30 days.

How It Works

All you need to join the 30-Day Power Up Yoga Challenge is:

  1. A subscription to The Sufferfest Training System
  2. 15-20 minutes a day
  3. A desire to be faster, stronger, and more powerful.

We've created a schedule of 30 sessions from our Yoga for Cyclists series in the app to help you build functional strength, improve your flexibility and put more power to the pedals.

If you're nervous about the prospect of doing 30 straight days of yoga, don't worry. The schedule alternates between core and upper-body strength sessions, flexibility routines, breathing exercises, and recovery sessions. Download and print the calendar below to help you track your progress. 

If you use TrainingPeaks or Final Surge to manage your training you can get the 30-Day Power Up Yoga Challenge training plans here:


Final Surge

Join the Conversation

We set up a Facebook group to allow you to interact directly with Abi Carver, ask questions, get access to supplemental content, and share your progress with other Sufferlandrians. You don't have to join the group to complete the challenge, but it's a great resource for tips on how to get the most out of the exercises (or if you need some extra motivation). If you have questions or comments and don't use Facebook, you can post them in our Community Forum


Join the Yoga Challenge Facebook Group   

Badges? We got your badges

More power on the bike isn't the only thing you'll get out of this challenge. Complete all of the sessions within the time allotted and you'll earn the coveted 30 Day Power Up Yoga Challenge badge in your passport. Just like the Tour of Sufferlandria, you have a 50-hour window in which to complete each session. As long as it's that date somewhere on earth, the session counts towards the challenge. You can also track and your progress via the Challenge Dashboard. 


View and Share Your Progress

After The Challenge: Get Ready to Get Strong

In addition to building functional strength, power, and flexibility, The Power Up Challenge is also designed to get you primed and ready for the SUF Strength Training Programme. Available in both Beginner and Intermediate versions, SUF Strength is an easy-to-use bodyweight-based programme of 22 videos developed specifically for cyclists that takes you step-by-step, week-by-week through a progressive schedule to build functional strength and turbo-charge your power and endurance on the bike. SUF Strength is designed to integrate with all of our indoor-only training plans, so you can take the guesswork out of getting stronger. 


Get the SUF Strength Training Plans

On the Fence About Yoga? Check Out What Others  Are Saying

Never did yoga before joining. Thank you Sufferfest for making it available, and thank you Abi Carver for all the great videos. I can see big improvements in my flexibility, strength, balance, and comfort both on and off the bike.
—Terry (USA)
I was skeptical of this yoga malarkey. However, I just got my race bike out and have had to lower the stem height by 10mm. At this rate my stem will be slammed by the end of the challenge and I’ll have to cut my steerer down!
—Peter (UK)

Never thought I’d be a yoga convert but here I am! I’m a full time working mom and the likelihood that I would ever get to a yoga class is slim to none. For my limited training time the bike always gets priority, but I can find 15 minutes. I’ve done both 30 day yoga challenges and now I’m doing yoga daily. My flexibility has improved and so has my core strength.
—Janis (USA)

I find myself feeling grateful for this challenge over and over. Thank you Abi! This has been exactly what I need and from the benefits I’m experiencing already I know I will be stronger on the bike this season due to your excellent yoga sessions. Love the structure and pace of each session and truly admire how much effort you are putting into the challenge by responding to so many people and posting your very helpful articles.
—Michael (Canada)  
Questions about the 30 Day Core Yoga Challenge? Check out the Facebook Group or our Community Forum


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