Introducing The Sufferfest African Dream Team!


The Sufferfest, creator of the world’s most comprehensive indoor cycling app and training videos for individual and group use, announced today its premiere title sponsorship of The Sufferfest African Dream Team, an International Cycling Union (UCI) team based in the small African country of Lesotho.  Formally known as the ACE Lesotho MTB Team, The Sufferfest African Dream Team is the first indigenous African team to be licensed as a UCI MTB team and is the first to compete at the World Cup and World Championship level. 

With almost half of Lesotho’s two million people living in poverty and the team riding shared or borrowed bikes, David McQuillen, founder and CEO of The Sufferfest, knew he had to help. Working hand in hand with Mark West, team manager of The Sufferfest African Dream Team, The Sufferfest is now in its fourth year of sponsorship, proving that a little help goes a long way. This dedicated group of African athletes have shown that they excel not just at their sport, but at shattering expectations. 

“These men and women are the very definition of what it means to overcome adversity,” said McQuillen. “This is exactly what The Sufferfest embodies – suffering to become the best possible versions of ourselves.”


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As a testament to the team’s hard work, they are the only African team to meet the requirements necessary to receive UCI mountain bike team status. Recently, the team received their highest ranking yet: first in Africa and thirty-third in the world. 

“What these women and men have to go through on a day-to-day basis would stop most people,” said West. “Despite it all, they ride. They ride to break the devastating poverty cycle, they ride for their families and their future. We appreciate all the help we get, in particular The Sufferfest, who were one of the first companies to provide sponsorship for our riders.”

While the team continues to dominate both at home and on the global stage, The Sufferfest African Dream Team is always looking to aim higher, with its sights set on the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.
Through hard work, dedication and the support of sponsors like The Sufferfest, the team will continue to take their dreams and turn them into reality.
About The Sufferfest African Dream Team
The Sufferfest African Dream Team is an officially-licensed UCI MTB Team and the first indigenous African team to be licensed by the UCI to compete in World Cup and World Championship level competition. The purpose of The Sufferfest African Dream Team is to identify cycling talent from the developing nations of Africa, particularly Lesotho, and give those riders an opportunity to race on the world’s biggest MTB stages. More than just a team, The Sufferfest African Dream Team serves as a training ground for future champions developing self-confidence and rising above the poverty and hopelessness that many riders were born into. For more information, visit




Dylan Robbins
Dylan Robbins


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