Introducing Norway: The Most Immersive SUF Workout We've Ever Created

We've all dreamed of being a pro rider on the WorldTour. But making it to the highest levels of the sport is reserved for a select few. But what if you had the chance to experience what it's like to be one of the best cyclists in the world?

Here's your chance, thanks to the power of the Wahoo SUF Training App's proprietary 4DP® platform. 4DP® allows the Wahoo SUF Training App to get a complete picture of your abilities at a range of intensities and durations, not just sustained power, and then tailor the power targets in your workouts so you get the perfect training stimulus. 4DP® also allows us to design the most immersive race simulation we've ever created. Introducing Norway, a completely new kind of SUF workout.

We took the on-board camera footage and the actual power file captured by Lotto-Soudal rider Carl Friedrik Hagen in Stage 6 of the 2019 edition of the Tour of Norway. We analyzed his power file, identifying which 4DP® metric each effort targeted. By syncing the video and the power file we could map his realtime efforts onto the on-board race footage. But since few of us can put down pro-level watts, we made it so all of his efforts are scaled to your own personal 4DP® profile. That means you get to experience exactly what he experienced during the stage, but relative to your own abilities. When he sprints, you sprint. When he attacks, you attack. When he sits up, you get to take it (relatively) easy. Think of it as a pro race flight simulator. It's the most immersive, realistic experience we've ever provided. If you liked our hugely popular team time trial workout, Team Scream, you'll love Norway. Available now in the Wahoo SUF Training App.

Because Norway is a completely different workout experience, the Minions have put together a guide with a few tips on how to get the most out the session. Check it out here.

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