Inside The Hour: Part 2 - Testing, 1...2...3.

If you're just joining us, SUF coaches Neal Henderson and Mac Cassin have been tasked with helping GCN presenter Ollie Bridgewood get ready to beat Eddy Merckx's 1972 Hour Record.

In this week's installment, we go behind the scenes with Neal, Mac, and Ollie to see how Ollie's training has been progressing, the results of his lactate testing, and what lies ahead.

Topics this week include:

0:00 - Testing, 1...2...3. Results of Ollie's Lactate Testing.
15:40 - Cadence work works. The effects of NM / Cadence Drills.
19:00 - Testing is training.
21:00 - Tapering.
26:00 - Effects of event day conditions.
27:20 - Looking to the week ahead.
30:20 - Yoga! Yoga! Yoga!
31:40 - More details on Ollie's plan for the week.
35:00 - Tunnel testing prep.
38:00 - Wrap-up

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You can follow Ollie's progress on the GCN Show, through his Strava profile and by following the hashtag #SUFhourofpower. 

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