Inside the Hour: Part 1 - Ramping It Up

Last week, GCN's Ollie Bridgewood announced that he would be taking on his biggest challenge yet: attempting to beat the hour record set by the legendary Eddy Merckx in 1972. 



If you're going to take on The Cannibal, you need some big guns in your corner. To get him race ready, Ollie enlisted the help of two guys that know a thing or two about making people go fast: Coaches Neal Henderson and Mac Cassin at the SUF Science Division. 


Go Inside The Hour

Each week, Mac and Neal sit down with Ollie to review his training from the previous week, talk about what he has coming up on his calendar, and delve a little deeper into the sports science behind his preparation.

In this week's installment, we go behind the scenes to see how Ollie is progressing. Topics include:

4:00 - Mental training
6:00 - Results from Ollie's ramp test (the soon-to-be-released Half Monty)
18:00 - What workouts Ollie has on deck for the week
20:00 - VO2 Max
28:00 - Lactate testing
31:00 - 10k test effort
35:00 - TT position

Dig in!


You can follow Ollie's progress on the GCN Show, through his Strava profile and by following the hashtag #SUFhourofpower. 


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