In-App Training Plans and Calendar Available Now!

The holidays came early in Sufferlandria, and The Minions are giving you the gift that keeps on giving....results. After months of work, in-app training plans are here. Now you can select and manage our entire library of 4DP-optimised training plans for road, triathlon, cyclocross, gravel, XC MTB, and eSports directly in The Sufferfest app. No more logging into other platforms and having to switch between apps to start your workout. It's all there in The Sufferfest.



Here's How It Works


1. Make sure you have the most recent version of the app.

For Windows and Mac you should be prompted to update. If you have automatic updates enabled for iOS, you're golden. If not, go to the App Store and download the latest version.


2. Log in and click on the 'Training Plans' tab. 

On iOS, click on the hamburger menu to see the list of plans, sorted by discipline. Click on the discipline to see additional options.


3. Choose your plan. 

You can tailor the volume and add yoga, mental toughness or strength training.


4. Preview your plan

You can preview the schedule and see how it changes depending upon the volume and options you choose. Then select the start or end date and get ready to get More Than Faster.


5.  View your applied plans and workout schedule.

Click on the ellipses menu and click on 'Calendar' to see your plans and scheduled workouts in convenient calendar format.



6. Click on the name of an activity to view details and start the workout directly from the calendar. 

If a workout is designed to be done at a different intensity, it will already be set for you. Too easy.


Questions about the new training plans?

Check out the FAQ or email



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