Bluetooth Smart Trainer Control Now Available on iOS and mac-OS

You asked, we delivered. The latest version of The Sufferfest for iOS and macOS* now allows the app to automatically control the resistance of some of the most popular models of smart trainers when you connect via Bluetooth Smart. Just select ERG mode when you connect your compatible smart trainer, and the app will automatically adjust the resistance of your trainer to match the power targets in your workouts. No shifting necessary.

*Your iPhone, iPad, or Mac must have Bluetooth Smart (also known as Bluetooth 4.0) and meet the minimum requirements to support Bluetooth trainer control. 

Supported Trainers on mac-OS:

Supported Trainers on iOS (iPhones and iPads):


Why don't I see my smart trainer listed?

The app uses a new, open Bluetooth protocol called FTMS (Fitness Machine Service) to control compatible smart trainers. Since it's a new standard, not all trainer manufacturers have implemented it. This include Tacx and some Elite models (though FTMS support is coming soon for these trainers).

Before FTMS was developed, trainer manufacturers used their own language to allow their trainers to communicate with apps over Bluetooth. That meant app developers had to write special code for each make (and sometimes for each model) of trainer. FTMS makes it much easier for manufacturers and app developers to implement Bluetooth smart trainer control. If your trainer isn't listed as compatible, we recommend contacting the manufacturer to see when FTMS support will be added for your model. 

My trainer isn't listed. What do I do now?

If your smart trainer isn't listed and you want the app to automatically control the resistance (ERG mode), you will have to connect with ANT+. This requires an ANT+ dongle that you connect to your Mac or iOS device. For more information on ANT+, including compatible ANT+ dongles, check out this article on our Help Centre

Why No Bluetooth Trainer Control for Windows?

Windows presents huge challenges for trainer control over Bluetooth. None of the  training apps on the market currently support ERG mode via Bluetooth on Windows computers. If you want to use ERG mode on your Windows machine, you will still need to connect your smart trainer using ANT+.

Questions about Bluetooth trainer control? Check out our Help Centre or email customer support at

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