Fundraise For a Good Cause

here's our handy guide to fundraising for the Davis Phinney Foundation

It's the Tour. You've SUFFERED. You've donated. You've backed a good cause as far as your wallet will allow.

But did you know you could also get your friends, family and frienemies to sponsor your suffering? That every $10 donated in your name also qualify you for another chance at our AMAZING & TOTALLY AWESOME PRIZE POOL?!

Well, it's true.

and you don't have to go door to door

You can make it easy for your friends to donate by connecting with them through Facebook. There are many other ways from the dashboard, but we think this is the most simple and effective way.

Start here and log in using your Facebook credentials. This will connect your Tour of Sufferlandria fundraising campaign to Facebook and allow you to share the donation link directly to your timeline.


make it fun

Once you select the 'Social Fundraising' method and decide you're read to post on your timeline, why not make it fun?! If you're inspired by the antics of the Tour of Sufferlandria Facebook Group, then perhaps you'll do something special (like promise to wear a hair shirt for Stage 8 if you receive $XX in donations). If that's not your style that's OK. Put yourself out there, pass the virtual hat around and see if your larger network can sponsor your insanity. If you win one of our sweet prizes then all the better!

Good luck for the last few days of the Tour. Anyone else living in fear of Stage 8?

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