Tour of Sufferlandria Race Numbers

Riding the Tour of Sufferlandria? Here's the template to design your own race number.
  1. Register for the Tour by donating at least $10 to the Davis Phinney Foundation. (Remember: Every $10 donated earns you one chance to win from our unbelievable prize pool, which includes mega prizes from Stages Cycling, Thomson Bike Tours and BMC Bikes)
  2. Download the .pptx (Powerpoint and Keynote compatible) file here
  3. Change the number and name by clicking on them. You can change them to whatever you want. (Yes, you can have the same number as someone else.)
  4. Change the flag or flags to whatever you like. (Looking for a flag? Just Google your flag and then click ‘IMAGES’ on results and save the flag you want to your desktop, then import to this template)
  5. Feel free to decorate your number with whatever other items you like. The more creative the better.
  6. Then do a screen shot of your number and save it where you can find it.
  7. ONCE YOU'VE REGISTERED BY DONATING: Change your profile pic in Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms so everyone knows you’re riding the Tour (and that you're a TOTAL BADASS - in case they didn't already know). 

    Not sure how to do any of this?
    1. Find a friend who knows Powerpoint or Keynote and they’ll help you out.
    2. Or Email and we’ll try to help - if we're not doing intervals, of course.

    See you on the start line!

     PS - As a reward for reading the entire post, please enjoy this sneak preview of the song Texmex by Modfunk, featured on the soon-to-be-released POWER STATION.

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