A Message from Tour of Sufferlandria Patron, Connie Carpenter Phinney

Connie Carpenter Phinney is an Olympian in both cycling and speed skating.  She has a Master’s Degree in Science but is perhaps best known for her kids, Taylor and Kelsey. Google her if you want to know more.

Connie is one of the ToS Patrons, together with her husband Davis Phinney, a two time stage winner of that other Tour in France.  Connie is on the board of the Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson’s and when she’s not prodding you to ride harder, she’ll be hitting you up to donate to win cool prizes.


Welcome dear competitors for the 2016 edition of the Tour of Sufferlandria, not to be confused with the Tour of Switzerland.  Before you embark on your journey, know this, we are not Switzerland! Sufferlandria is not neutral!  There is nothing neutral or ambivalent about this Tour.  And I guarantee it won’t snow on you unless you put your trainer outside and live in winter, like I do.  Last year I put my trainer outside in Colorado because it was warm and sunny (see photo: no snow!).  This year, who knows what this el niño has in store for us but we’ll roll with it, am I not right?  I can hear you nodding!  Thank you!

You, dear competitors, are adventurers.  You are going on a journey to a mythical country, to fight mythical battles, and to find elusive fitness.  Our dear fearful leader, and not so beloved Chief Suffering Officer, Sir David McQuillen has one goal in life: to kick your %#*^ ass.  He’ll try to do it with this Tour don’t worry!  We've got your back!! 

 At the Davis Phinney Foundation we know SUFFERING.  People with Parkinson’s Disease do what you do every day - THEY KICK BACK - with our support (and yours!!!)!  And speaking of kickbacks, the very most coolest aspect of the Tour is the generosity of the aforementioned Sir David and YOU!  YES!!!!! YOU!!  During your assault on the ToS we will be rallying you to buy raffle tickets - they will earn you the chance to win some pretty cool prizes. Ten bucks at a time. A fancy coffee can cost that much in London.  Imagine yourself buying lots of coffee, only this time, you might win something cool!!  The more raffle tickets I mean coffees — the better your chance to win. Cool Prizes!!  Which probably has higher odds than you winning the ToS to be honest, so open your hearts and your wallets — and remember, we are all winners in this game, most especially the Davis Phinney Foundation!

If I could manage to extract my tongue from my cheek for a moment, please believe me when I say, I love this event and by association I love you guys (oh my there goes my tongue back in my cheek)!!  I’ll be on Facebook taunting, er I mean, INSPIRING you as you INSPIRE me with your stories and your guile.

This is all about what we can do in the world, and not just in a mythical sense.  Let’s do this.


Kick. Back!


Connie Carpenter-Phinney 

(who won an Olympic Gold Medal in a galaxy long long ago…)

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