Introducing: The Sufferfest 'Honour' Range



I've been troubled lately. Troubled about what we wear when we go to work or out to dinner with friends. Troubled that the symbols on our clothes don't represent us. Alligators. Horses. People's names. They say nothing about the Sufferlandrian spirit within.

The troubled times are over. Nearly a year in the making, and produced with our friends at Après Vélo, here is our HONOUR Range: a collection of wardrobe essentials in classic styles. Featuring our embroidered Coat-of-Arms, these garments subtly - but definitively - declare who you really are.

IWBMATTKYT, David McQuillen, Founder & (now quite well dressed) Chief Suffering Officer


It's smart-casual day at work. Who would possibly expect a Sufferlandrian to find a striking-yet-relaxed, semi-fitted, woven dress shirt with pocket and button-down collar? Then you show up. Donuts are dropped. Yarn-dyed, 100% cotton poplin with ribbon trim and contrasting fabric features. Enzyme washed for comfort. $49.95 USD // $ 59.99 AUD // € 44.95 EUR // £ 34.95 GBP
Buy it at Apres Velo.

 The Sufferfest Honour Range Polo Shirt


This is the shirt you grab for BBQs, team sponsor get-togethers and drinks down at the pub as you tell tales of epic Suffering. Impeccable, traditional styling with three buttons and a hidden red/white/black ribbon on the inside of the collar. $29.95 USD // $39.95 AUD // €27.95 EUR // £22.95 GBP
Buy it at Apres Velo.


Sleek. Elegant. Effortless class. Just like your victories. There was more than one fight in the office over this heavy, stretchy french terry jacket. Now, I'm afraid to take it off at the risk it'll go missing. Semi-fitted with a full zip up through a high neck. Silicone washed for super soft feel. $49.95 USD // $59.99 AUD // €44.95 EUR // £34.95 GBP  Buy it at Apres Velo.

 Sufferfest Honour Range Jacket


A formal t-shirt? Indeed. The perfect complement to a chunky sweater or our Honour Jacket, this regular-fit tee is the antithesis of loud t-shirts - rather, it's a subtle way off showing powerful intentions. Embroidered coat-of-arms on luxury cotton elastane jersey with ribbon trim on the arm and a wide, crew neck. White and black. $22.95 USD // $29.95 AUD // €19.95 EUR // £15.95 GBP Buy it at Apres Velo.

 Sufferfest Honour Range T-Shirt


The mark that represents who we truly are. The Sufferlandrian Coat of Arms contains four symbols that represent the spirit of our nation:

  • 11 Cog = Power
  • Drop of Sufferlandrian Holy Water = Sacrifice
  • 10/10 = Courage
  • Mt. Sufferlandria = Challenge

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