Fall Collection and the Exciting New Sufferfest Apps

We know our app is one of the best ways to access the pain, misery & agony that we’re so well known for. We’re grateful for the feedback on the app and the interest in seeing our three new videos on there as soon as possible. If we know one thing it’s that Sufferlandrians are always keen to  hurt themselves in new and exciting ways!

Over the past few months we’ve been working behind the scenes of a HUGE app update for iOS & Android (and expanding into Windows & Mac OS). Essentially, we’re building an entirely new app experience from the ground up that we’re convinced will bring your Suffering to even darker places. 


  • Sync your devices, such as your heart rate monitor, cadence sensor and power meter to the app and have a beautiful onscreen display. This will allow you to structure your workout more effectively, track & record your workouts and share them to platforms such as Strava & TrainingPeaks.
  • Stream but also download and cache videos from our complete catalogue, for those times where you’re offline (at the gym, travelling) or the streaming quality is jumpy. Now there will be no interruptions to your Suffering!
  • Virtual power for popular brands of ‘dumb’ trainers and ERG mode for popular ‘smart’ trainers. If you’re not sure what virtual power is we’ll make sure to bring you up to speed on how virtual power can be used to structure your workout.
  • + much more available at release and other features developed along the way.
  • No devices? No worries! You can still Suffer the old school way with our Suffer Scale.
  • Importantly, the monthly app subscription fee will remain at $10 USD / £8 GBP, the cost of a few energy gels. 


Grunter von Agony & the Minions are very excited about the release of this app, which is slated for early early January for iOS, with Windows & Mac OS and Android versions released shortly thereafter.

The rub is that by pouring all our focus into this app, it means that, in the short term, the current app will not feature the Fall Collection of videos (Do As You’re Told, The Best Thing in The World & To Get To The Other Side). Once the new app is up-and-running, all future new releases will be made available on the app immediately.

We value your business and are working hard to make the experience much better. Thanks for Suffering with us!

If you have any questions or comments for us please email me on

Happy Suffering!


PS – here’s a sneak preview of the new app, with your sensor data displayed during an interval. Stay tuned for more!

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