There’s no doubt that indoor cycling is booming, with  new studios opening up all around the world. Increasingly, new and existing studios are choosing to add video technology to their offering, as a way of enhancing the rider experience. Choosing what kind of videos to play is an important decision for any studio owner or instructor – and one that depends on the kind of classes you want to run. Here’s a list of the types of videos available, and some of the providers.




A natural step for instructors, the use of music video can add some visual interest to a class and be based on a playlist that the instructor has already designed. Just be sure to know to the videos inside and out make sure your workout synchs up with the action on screen.

  • Who provides them: Music videos are available online through a variety of sources like YouTube. Just be aware of any rights issues that might exist and whether playing the videos in class violates those rights.
  • Pros: Easily based on an instructor’s existing music playlist.
  • Cons: What’s happening on screen rarely has anything to do with what is happening on the bike and can distract from the workout.




There is a whole host of movie clips available online that could make great material for an indoor cycling class. You could use a car-chase scene for a sprint workout, or some amazing arial mountain footage for a climbing section. The content is really limited only by your imagination.

  • Who provides them: Again, available on a whole host of sites from YouTube to Vimeo and others. Warning: Be aware of any rights issues before playing in your class.
  • Pros: Endless creative opportunities.
  • Cons: Incredibly time consuming to pick, download, edit and synch clips to your music and workout. Also be aware of any licensing issues around playing these clips in a commercial setting.




Footage from within a bike race adds a new thrill to indoor cycling classes and is a natural complement to high-intensity interval training. It’s easy to work hard when the class feels they have to close a gap to a breakaway or attack over the top of the climb to win the race.

  • Who provides them: The most comprehensive videos are by The Sufferfest. They are also the ONLY ones with officially licensed race footage – a real advantage for commercial studios. The videos are based on structured HIIT workouts, feature races like the Tour de France, great music and clear instructions on screen.
  • Pros: Incredibly motivating; attractive to beginners and advanced cyclists alike. Can be run with or without an instructor.
  • Cons: Can be a little daunting for very new indoor cyclists to try. A friendly instructor can easily overcome this, though.
  • FREE DEMO VIDEO FOR YOUR STUDIO! Just email with information about your studio and we’ll send you a free demo of one of our videos to try in your studio.




Although not terribly imaginative, it’s possible to show video of an indoor cycling class in your indoor cycling class. This can be an option for studios that are short on instructors and who want to offer ‘virtual’ training.

  • Who provides them: There are many providers in this genre, including Les Mills RPM and Wexer Virtual.
  • Pros: The class will know what to do.
  • Cons: It’s a video of an indoor cycling class.




These videos try to make you feel like you’re outside, riding down a road or climbing  a mountain. It’s a nice way to take your classes to other places of the world and see the sights or to put some visuals to your workout structure. Most options in this category are simple ‘first person’ footage and it’s up to the instructor to figure out what workout will match the footage, what music to play and what storyline to create.

  • Who provides them: There are many providers in this genre, including Epic Rides, Virtual Active (as used by Matrix ‘My Ride’) and Indoor Cycling Videos.
  • Pros: Simple way to bring cycling dvds into the indoor cycling studio.
  • Cons: Can get monotonous due to lack of variety in video and/or workout. Can take a lot of work for instructor to design an engaging session with these videos.




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