6 New GCN Real Time Training Sessions Available Now in The Sufferfest app.

We've partnered with our friends at GCN, the Global Cycling Network, to bring 6 of their most popular Real Time Training Sessions to The Sufferfest app. Now you can ride with your favourite GCN presenters—including Simon, Emma, James, and Chris— while getting all the benefits of power targets personalised to your complete 4DP™ profile. 

Most of these new sessions are under 40 minutes, making them perfect for those days when you have limited time to train but still want to get in a killer workout. 



How Is This Different From Doing The GCN Workouts On YouTube?

The GCN Real Time Training Sessions on YouTube are great if you want to start incorporating structured indoor sessions into your schedule. The problem is, YouTube doesn't allow you to connect your smart trainer, power meter, heart rate monitor, or cadence sensor. That means there's no way to ensure that you're hitting your targets or that you're really getting the intended fitness benefits out of the sessions.
RPE is so last year.

Integration with The Sufferfest app changes all that. Not only can you capture all of your performance data, but you also get the benefit of power targets tailored to your complete 4DP™ profile. Each workout has been designed by the coaches at the SUF Science Division to target specific aspects of your fitness. You'll get the precise training stimulus necessary to make you faster, all while riding with the GCN crew along some of the most stunning roads in Europe.



GCN Strength Endurance

Featuring GCN presenters Chris Opie and James Lowsley-Williams, this quick but tough workout features five, two-minute intervals that move from very low to very high cadence. The first part at a low cadence of 60 rpm will help to increase your Neuromuscular (NM) strength and work on your ability to produce torque. The 110rpm high cadence part will work on your pedaling technique. The warm-up for this video is short, so we recommend getting a few of minutes of light spinning in before you start.

On a training plan but want to give it a try? Swap it for G.O.A.T. or Elements of Style.


GCN Endurance Ride

This is a big one. In this GCN Real Time Training Session, you'll join presenters Emma Pooley (of Hell Hath No Fury fame) and James Lowsley-Williams for a great long 'grinder' of a workout. You'll start with a solid warm-up and then head straight into a big 20-minute block in which you'll do repeats of riding at—and then just below—threshold. After a short break, you'll do another 20-minute block before a short cool-down. For a backdrop, you've got the Passo Giau in Italy, one of our absolute favourite climbs in the world.

On a training plan but want to give it a try? Swap it for Who Dares or The Rookie.


GCN Muscular Efforts At Threshold

Want to work on your threshold power? This GCN Real Time Training session up the Passo Falzarego in Italy sees hosts James and Si Richardson push through two tough 12-minute blocks. They start with a warm-up and then go into each 12-minute threshold effort, working through varying cadences, both in and out of the saddle. Part of these intervals will be at a lower cadence of 70 to work your pedaling torque and muscular endurance. Between the two sets, you'll get a short recovery and a bit of a cool-down.

On a training plan but want to give it a try? Swap it for Hell Hath No Fury or Thin Air.


GCN Power Torque Intervals

Looking for a quick session with a bit of intensity and some stunning scenery? This GCN Real Time Training Session features presenters James and Si and the incredible climb of the Passo Valparola in Italy. You'll do a brief warm-up (if you need a longer warm-up, get spinning before you start this session or simply pause and rewind to do the warm-up twice) and then hit two sets of of 40/20 intervals that target your Maximal Aerobic Power (MAP) as indicated by the yellow bars. The 40-second efforts are followed by (all too short) 20-second 'recoveries'. Together, these deplete your tank and teach your body how to make repeated, high-intensity efforts. An awesome session for the time crunched!

On a training plan but want to give it a try? Swap it for Revolver or 14 Vice Grips.


GCN Sprint Efforts

Ready to sprint? Join presenters Emma and James for this GCN Real Time Training workout. Over a concentrated 25-minute session, they'll help you improve your long sprint power, recovery and give you a little VO2 max boost, too. During the course of the workout, you'll complete five, 30 second sprint efforts with three minutes of recovery, plus, of course, a warm-up and warm-down.

On a plan but want to give it a try? Swap it for Standing Starts or The Trick


GCN VO2 Max Intervals


In this GCN Real Time Training session, you'll join presenters James and Si for a 45-minute workout that will get you fit with a quickness. VO2 Max sessions require some commitment, so make sure you're coming into the workout relatively fresh and ready to work hard. Each of the six efforts are around two minutes long and feature some torque-style interludes just to keep things interesting. For each interval you'll do 30 seconds seated, 30 seconds out of the saddle for a big attack, get back in the saddle and then make one last attack before a three minute recovery. What could go wrong?

On a plan but want to give it a try? Swap it for A Very Dark Place or Joyride




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