6 New GCN Real-time Training Sessions Available Now

Last November we launched our first round of workouts in partnership with our friends at the Global Cycling Network to bring 6 of their most popular Real Time Training Sessions to The Sufferfest app.

With many of us unable to ride outdoors, we thought now was the perfect time to add to our GCN workout library. Starting today, 6 new GCN workouts are now available in The Sufferfest, with sessions to work every aspect of your fitness, from sprinting to power climbs. Ride with your favourite GCN presenters—including Simon, Manon, James, and Chris— while getting all the benefits of power targets personalised to your complete 4DP® profile. 




GCN Aerobic Endurance



This is a one hour session that packs in 49 minutes of quality aerobic endurance work in two main sets. You'll warm up gently, then complete 7 continuous three-minute sets, starting at a high cadence and descending every three minutes to finish at 50 RPM. After a brief recovery, you'll complete a similar set in reverse, beginning at 60 RPMs and building to 110 RPM every 4 minutes. Training at a variety of cadences helps you become comfortable at any cadence and develop proficiency recruiting a greater number of muscle fibers. This session will force you to be uncomfortable for nearly the entire hour, so it's great for building up that mental toughness as well.


GCN Strength Endurance


Featuring GCN presenters Chris and James, this quick but tough workout features five, two-minute intervals that move from very low to very high cadence. The first part at a low cadence of 60 rpm will help to increase your Neuromuscular (NM) strength and work on your ability to produce torque. The 110rpm high cadence part will work on your pedaling technique. Now -- the warm-up for this video is very short so best to get a couple of minutes of spinning in before you start!


GCN Max Efforts Minimum Time


There are no excuses for skipping a training session when you have this 20-minute high-intensity workout at your disposal! You'll get 5 minutes of maximal intensity work done in two sets of five 30-second max efforts. This workout is sure to get your metabolism revved up and leave you feeling ready to tackle the day with vigor.


GCN Escalator


Two steps forward, one step back - just like life and training often happen. This workout will gradually ramp you up to threshold, then leave you hovering over and under threshold for a bit before dropping you all the way back to cool down. This two steps forward, one step back type of ramp up to FTP will give you a massive fitness value for the short 30 minutes of saddle time; you'll spend almost 65% of the workout above 75% of FTP! The step-back format of this workout may cause a little frustration because just when it feels like you're getting close to the top, you step backward and briefly get further away. This may or may not be our subtle way of teaching you patience, as it's sometimes better to pull back and recover momentarily before pushing matter how quickly you want to get to the top.


GCN Ready, Steady, Go


This GCN workout, designed by Wahoo's Head of Sports Science, Neal Henderson, is a great warm-up or short ride when you don't have too much time and don't want to go too hard. Like Igniter, it's also an ideal session to do before a race or major event because it covers all the bases of intensity and cadence in order to activate the cardiovascular, nervous and muscular systems without creating fatigue that will linger over time.


GCN Torque Monster


This 40-minute workout is heavily focused on neuromuscular activation and the ability to generate force and torque from a seated position. For that reason, it's best done in level mode (not ERG mode). You'll start with a short max effort from a standstill, recover, then have four 30-second low cadence MAP efforts with a generous 90 seconds of recovery between each. It's rare for Sir Neal to allow you so much recovery, but you'll deplete your Creatine Phosphate and muscle glycogen stores within these 30s efforts so it's very important that your muscles have enough time to recover the necessary energy to repeat each successive interval with the same strength. By the end of this workout, you may feel as though you've done a heavy leg session in the gym as this type of workout recruits primarily your Type II and Type 2b muscle fibers and leaves your slow twitch fibers relatively fresh.



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