They made you Suffer, now it's their turn.

There are, aside from Grunter von Agony, two particular people that Sufferlandrians around the world love to hate.  Two men who Sufferlandrians would like to see, frankly, SUFFER LIKE WE HAVE SUFFERED AT THEIR HANDS AND THEN SUFFER SOME MORE!!!!

The first is Neal Henderson. The founder of Apex Coaching is the elite coach to stars like Evelyn Stevens, Taylor Phinney and Rohan Dennis. More significantly is that he's the evil genius madman (photo below as evidence) behind the workouts for Blender, ISLAGIATT, Violator, Chrysalis, The Rookie and all our running videos. He's made you hurt. Badly.  

The second is Stephan Gallagher. The co-founder of Dig Deep Coaching and former professional cyclist is the structured thinker behind our 10 week training plans. His plans to big results follow a path strewn with PAIN, MISERY and AGONY.  

Both men have accomplished much. But one thing is missing from their life accomplishments: the ultimate test of Suffering in the pursuit of HONOUR, GLORY and VICTORY. That's right - Sufferlandrian Knighthood.

BUT NOW! Both men have committed to completing their Knighthood on the 25th of October 2014 - Stephen in Belfast, Northern Ireland and Neal in Boulder, Colorado. Both will do 10 videos back-to-back according to the Knighthood rules.

HOWEVER! YOU CAN MAKE THEM SUFFER EVEN MORE. If we can help them raise $500 each for their charities, then they have agreed to put our long videos, It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time and Blender, into their line-up. <EVIL LAUGH>

Neal will be raising money for the Davis Phinney Foundation. You can donate here.

Stephen will raise money for the Children's Heartbeat Trust. You can donate here.

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