We're hiring a new Minion!

We’re looking for a new Minion. Now before you say, ‘Hey, I’m no minion!,’ you must know that we are all Minions here in Sufferlandria. And being a Minion and serving the Sufferlandrian community is a prestige of the highest order. Well, Knights and Darksiders are probably higher, but still it’s pretty good. Anyway.

Specifically, we’re looking for a **Minion for Sufferlandrian Service** to work in our (very) small team as we build our endurance sports brand and spread Suffering around the world. It’s a great entry-level role for someone just out of university and/or with a few years of experience.

In this role, you’ll:

  • Handle all our customer service, fielding questions about our products, help people with technical issues, respond to sponsorship requests and generally make sure everyone is Suffering as they should be.
  • Manage our clothing product line, including orders and inventory.
  • Provide project support or management in areas like marketing, sales, admin, product development…well, just about everywhere – we’re a small business so everyone does a bit of everything and the more pro-active you are, the better.

You should:

  • Want to help people – we strive to deliver incredible customer service so it must be part of who you are. Strong problem solving skills are essential, too.
  • Be extremely well orgenized and detail oriented. Did you catch that typo? Good. We’re looking for someone like you.
  • Ideally have a marketing or PR background strong writing and design skills are a plus.
  • Want to work in a small company where you can have a big impact.
  • Have 1-4 years experience in either marketing, project management or customer service/experience.
  • Absolutely love professional cycling and/or triathlon and do a bit of riding, running or triathlon yourself.

The role:

  • Is full-time, but can also be 80% and partly from home for someone who needs flexibility.
  • Is based in Prahran, Melbourne, Australia (we’re still waiting to reclaim Sufferlandria).
  • Starts mid-to-late September.

Keen? DO NOT DELAY! Please email david@TheSufferfest.com with:

  1. A letter telling us why you’d make a great Minion of Sufferlandrian Service.
  2. Your CV.
  3. Any examples of your work that you think we should see.


The Minions

David McQuillen
David McQuillen


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