The easiest way for YOU to support women's cycling.

A painful truth about women's pro cycling is that articles about women get a mere fraction of the page views that men's cycling gets. And because page views drive advertising, media websites (cycling included), are reluctant to dedicate resources to women's racing. SO! The very best way that you, dear cycling fan, can support women's cycling is to click online articles about women's cycling.

  • When you do that, you create page views for the publishing website.
  • When there are more page views, the publishing website can sell more advertising.
  • When they sell more advertising like this, they run more articles about women's cycling.
  • When more articles about women's cycling are published, and you click on those articles....
You see where this is going. Click every single women's article you ever see. Tell your friends to do it, too. You don't even have to read them all, but DO CLICK THEM ALL (and click through to a few ads to increase the all important 'Click Through Rate' that advertisers care about). When you do that, the media will start paying ever more attention to this glorious sport. ------ The Sufferfest is an Official Sponsor of the UCI Women's World Cup, the Bike Pure UK Women's Development team, the Mule Bar Girl Team, the Naked Women's Racing Team and a supporter of Half the Road, the documentary on women's cycling. Several of our training videos feature women's pro racing, including Hell Hath No Fury, Blender, Revolver, Chrysalis and Extra Shot.
David McQuillen
David McQuillen


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