Chrysalis as an ALL BIKE workout.

Although it's designed as a run/bike brick workout for triathletes, our Chrysalis video is also great as a BIKE ONLY session.

By turning Chrysalis into a 4x 9:00 set of threshold intervals, you've got yourself a very effective Time Trial workout.

And you get to watch triathletes suffer for a change. Here's how to do Chrysalis as a bike-only workout:

  • The opening credits should be on the bike at 4/10
  • The run warm-up should be at 5/10
  • The bike warm-up should be as designed
  • First transition should be at 6/10
  • Then all Bike sections should be as designed, but with no effort under 7/10 (so even if the instructions say, for example, 5/10, then you shouldn't go any lower than 7/10)
  • Then, all transitions off the bike should be an extension of the last bike effort (so if, for example, you're at 8/10 going into the transition, you hold that all the way through the transition).
  • All transitions off the run should be at 6/10
  • All runs should be at 4/10
  • Do cool-down at 2/10
You can buy Chrysalis right here >>

David McQuillen
David McQuillen


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