Tour of Sufferlandria - Donor Prize Pool Winners!!!

Of course, you were only riding the Tour of Sufferlandria for the HONOUR, GLORY and VICTORY -- but the chance at some awesome prizes doesn't hurt either! Thanks to everyone who donated to the Davis Phinney Foundation -- together, we raised more than $60,000 USD. AMAZING! Here are our winners, each of whom had one chance in the pool for every $10 donated/raised.

  • ALL WINNERS WILL RECEIVE CONFIRMATION EMAILS FEB 8TH (USA TIME)(or if you see your name, feel free to email me
  • Oakley TDF edition glasses: Chris Schabel, Marco Bommarito, Mika Anderson
  • Power Bar Packs: Tiffany Meier, David Whatley, Wyatt Kuntz
  • Dig Deep Personal Training Plan: Jeff Rodgers
  • Dig Deep Coaching Nutrition Plan: Dominic Levesque
  • Velopress Book Pack: Daniel Skaarup, Laurie Pate
  • BMC Team Kit by Pearl Izumi: Francis Schmitz, Tammar Berger, Trevor Barcelo, Donald Hobbs
  • Team Sky Kit by Rapha: Myles Gaulin
  • Giro Aeon Helmet: Christopher Tankelewicz, Rob Libbert
  • Feedzone Book Pack: James McKenzie, Ted Meisky, Stephen Walton, Raymond Suarez
  • Superbodies Book: Dan O'Donnell, Saylo Lam
  • Velo Digital Subscription: Steward Gemmell, Joe Williams, Kevin Kidder, Daniel Ducai, Adam Zivin
  • Richmond World Championships 2015 Jacket/Jersey: Simon Bird
  • Quadlock smartphone mount: Gareth Llewellyn, Thomas M. Dale, Sean Mallahan, Kevin Curran
  • Apre Velo T-Shirt: Eric Sorenson, John Newman, Dan Kaldman,
  • Stolen Goat Musette: Jamie Flinn
  • Strava 6month Premium Membership: Joseph Galitzin, Kevin Mitts, Mark Carioto, Kirsten Hoedlmoser
  • Revelo Pack: Neal Henderson, Jim Billingsley, Jeremy Hus,
  • Best of Balm Co. Pack: Joann McDonald
  • Full Sufferfest Team Kit Pack: Michael Fahy
  • Sufferfest Jersey: David Newton, Mark Osoteo
  • Sufferfest Cap & Socks: Angus MacKenzie, Matt Rowe, Patrick Rader
  • Sufferfest Decal and Tattoo pack: Kathryn Anderson, Donald Hobbs, Mary Schwoerer, James Cunningham, Thomas M. Dale
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