How to use our 'Chrysalis' video without a treadmill

Our video, Chrysalis, is meant to be done with a stationary bike and a treadmill. However, not everybody has a treadmill at home or can make it to a gym with the equipment. Although it's not the optimal experience, you can still do Chrysalis without a treadmill. It'll likely take a few tries for you to perfect it, but here is how to do it:

  • Have the video on a small portable device like a smart phone with headphones so you can take the video with you when you run. If you can't do that, make sure you head off with a good stop watch andleave the video running on the screen in front of your bike.
  • Make sure you can easily get in and outside from where your stationary bike is set up so you don't waste time running through the house, tripping over family members, etc.
  • Write down the instructions below on small cards so know what to do when you hear the audio cues (gun shots, accelerations, deceleratoins, you know what to do)(of course, you could always look at your phone while running, but's dangerous and we don't recommend it)

WARM-UP Run outside at an easy pace for 4:00 before coming inside, changing to your cycling shoes and starting the video. Do the entire video warm-up, including the 2:00 run section, on the bike.

TRANSITION When it comes time for the transition, jump off your stationary bike (phone or watch in hand), change into your running shoes, grab your note sheet and head outside. Just make sure to leave the video running and be back by your bike exactly as 4:00 ends.  

RUN 1 - Increasing speed

  • 1:00 at 5/10 effort
  • 1:00 at 7/10 effort
  • 1:00 at 8/10 effort
  • 1:00 at 3/10 effort and coming back to bike
RUN 2 - Steady
  • 1:00 at 8/10
  • 2:30 at 7/10
  • :30 at 7.5/10
RUN 3 - Attacks
  • :10 at 7/10
  • :30 at 9/10
  • :20 at 4/10
  • :40 at 8.5/10
  • :20 at 4.5/10
  • :50 at 8/10
  • :10 at 5/10
  • 1:00 at 7.5/10
RUN 4 - Race to the finish
  • 1:00 at 7/10
  • 1:00 at 8/10
  • 1:00 at 9/10
  • 1:00 at 10/10
  • 4:00 cool-down jog at 3/10

David McQuillen
David McQuillen


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