Tour of Sufferlandria - Stage 9: Recap & Photos

Drama. That was the order of the day for the last stage of the Tour of Sufferlandria. Behind on GC, our Sufferlandrian had little choice but to WIN EVERY SINGLE ONE of the 64 (!) sprints on offer today. The time bonuses won would be enough to catapult our hero into the Leader's Straight Jacket and into the STORIES THAT WILL BE TOLD GENERATIONS FROM NOW.

And even with 8 days of PAIN, AGONY and MISERY (and a few visits from DESPAIR) in the legs,  the Sufferlandrian would not be denied this opportunity for HONOUR and GLORY.Take inspiration from these photos of VICTORY, dear Sufferlandrians -- we have witnessed -- and you have done -- something truly remarkable. 


David McQuillen
David McQuillen


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