The Tour of Sufferlandria has begun! Some race numbers.

<Walking to podium accompanied by The Speed Demon of Sufferlandria>

<Clearing Throat>

In honour of the start of the Tour of Sufferlandria and the more than 2,200 participants, may we ask all Riders, Sufferlandrians, Minions and Awestruck Onlookers -- PLEASE RISE AND CHAMOIS DANCE FOR THE NATIONAL ANTHEM!

We are pleased to announce the official start of the Tour of Sufferlandria. Stage 1, Rubber Glove, promises to ease you into the race before clubbing you over the head relentlessly, and then whacking you in the gut, knees and shins before kicking you to the curb, to make sure it's very clear what you're up against over the remaining 8 days. We wish you all PAIN, MISERY and AGONY in the pursuit of HONOUR, GLORY and VICTORY!!!


We will be posting here every day before and after every stage. Because of the diaspora of Sufferlandrians around the globe, we'll post stage wrap-ups when *most* people will have finished the stage -- which will be about 7pm in Chicago, USA (about 11am +1 day in Melbourne, AUS).

Be sure to post photos of yourself during the stages, as well as any responses to the media during your post-stage interviews, on Facebook, Twitter or here in the comments section. We'll include our favourites in the days summary.

Speaking of favourites, here are just a few of our favourite race numbers for the Tour of Sufferlandria 2014! 

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