Tour of Sufferlandria: A look at Day 3

Tour of Sufferlandria Day 3: Extra Shot and Fight Club - 80:00 minutes.

After two hard days on the Tour of Sufferlandria, you might expect to have a little transition stage to give the legs a chance to recover. Hah! Go find another stage race if that's what you're looking for creme-puff. If ever there was a day to fear, Day 3 might just be it. Unlike the first two days, each of which starts off with a nice easy warm-up before the peloton gets serious, the rumour is that today is the day that it's going to be fast right from the gun.

You're going to start with Extra Shot, which gets straight into the racing. The first ten minutes are flat to gently climbing and you'll need to ride tempo to keep up, but nothing too dramatic. The next 10 minutes bring you into a series of short, sharp climbs - after yesterday's long climb, these are going to seem brutish and intense, but they're over rather quickly. Don't forget to go for the points in the sprint at the end of the 20 minutes.

From there, things get downright ugly. Forget etiquette, forget being polite, forget letting the heirarchy of the peloton gently take shape. You're going straight into Fight Club, and no, you can't take a break and do it sometime later in the day. STRAIGHT INTO FIGHT CLUB.

After the bergs and sprint of Extra Shot, you'll bring the intensity back down during the warm-up of Fight Club. Then, you're onto a circuit of five laps. Each lap has 4:00 of flat out time trialling and 2:30 of climbing. But with the strongest riders looking to make their mark in the Tour of Sufferlandria, you can expect attack after attack after attack after attack after attack. Cancellara, Gilbert, Cunego, Martin, and Evans are all expected to make their move today - if you don't have the legs now, when will you?


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