Sufferlandrian National Day of Suffering - Prize Winners!!!

That. Was. Beautiful! Sufferlandrian Ambassadors in than 130 cities around the world organised some kind of suffering on March 31st/April 1st for the first Sufferlandrian National Day of Suffering. Epic tales were told, rides were ridden, intervals were pounded out and food and drink consumed in cities from Alaska to Australia. Check out our Facebook Page for all the action.

And now, time to hand out the prizes from our prize draw! WINNERS: Please email me so I can arrange to send the prizes to you.

Winners of Sufferfest Stickers are:

  • Val Marie Coutts (Vancouver, Canada)
  • Gerry Lynch (Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Kate Brown (Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Kimmy England (Soldonta, Alaska, USA)
  • Jen Masur (Regina, Canada)
  • Cindy Wright (Regina, Canada)
  • Terry Lazarou (Regina, Canada)
  • JJ Bear (Albuquerqe, NM, USA)
  • Bev Kalman (Witchita, KS, USA)
  • Joyce Gearheart (Washington, DC, USA)
  • Ryan Hanna (Brantford, Canada)
  • Karin De Jong (Stutensee, Germany)
  • Kerstin Aberle (Stutensee, Germany)
  • Jay Solanki (Waterloo, Canada)
  • Jason Miller (Henderson, NV, USA)
Winners of one of the fantastic products from Revelo (recycled bicycle tubes into wallets, belts, keychains):
  • Victor Gomes (San Paolo, Brazil)
  • Ed De Sanctis (Hamilton, NY, USA)
  • Andrew Peel (Canberra, Australia)
Winners of the Sufferfest 10 Pack of videos:
  • Mitch Pope (Tilsbury, UK)
  • Chris Skogen (Rochester, MN, USA)
Winners of a Sufferlandrian Flag:
  • Todd Huber (Nashville, TN, USA)
  • Scotty Kent (Witchita, KS, USA)
Winners of a Sufferfest National Team Jersey:
  • Arne Hanson (Roros, Norway)
  • Dan Clist (Sheffield, UK)
Grand Prize Winner of a Jersey + Bibs + Vest + Flag + Stickers!!! (WHOOEEEE)!!!!
  • Elizabeth Malloy (Washington, DC, USA)
And for the fantastic Sufferlandrian Ambassadors who organised the events!!!!
  • Winner of F2P SS Jersey: Henry Johnson, Joel Gilmore, Paul Willemsen
  • Winner of Sufferlandrian National Flag: Matt Borland (Waterloo, Canada)
  • Winner of Grand Prize Jersey + Bibs + Vest + Flag + Stickers: Erik Moore (Hamilton, NY, USA)
If you've won a prize, be sure to email me with your address so I can send it out to you! Congratulations everyone - and thanks so much to all for coming out for National Day. I promise that next year will be even bigger and better!!!
Daniel McQuillen
Daniel McQuillen


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