Prizes at the National Day of Suffering!

Just sent out this mail to all the Sufferlandrians attending National Day!

Hello Sufferlandrians!

Well, what a pleasure it is to write to all of you that have signed up to join a Sufferlandrian National Day of Suffering event in your town. The Minions in the dungeon at Sufferfest Studios are jealous, of course, but free Sufferlandrians from Canada to Brazil to Germany to Malaysia and Australia are getting together - in fact, there are more then 115 events going on around the world at this writing!!! A BIG thanks to the Sufferlandrian Ambassadors who are organising some suffering for you.

Now. I wanted to let you know about some fun stuff. All those who attend a Day of Suffering event somewhere will be entered into a big prize draw!

And here are the prizes:

  • 1 grand prize winner - A Sufferlandrian Team Pack: Jersey, bib shorts, windvest, flag and stickers!
  • 2 winners - Sufferlandrian Jersey 2 winners - Sufferlandrian Flag
  • 2 winners - Sufferfest 10 Pack of Videos
  • 3 winners - Revelo Bicycle Tube Credit Card holders
  • 15 winners - Sufferfest stickers

I'm working to drum up a few more prizes as well, and I'll let you all know right before the event what's on offer. A day or two after the events, I'll ask organisers to let me know who attended, put all the names in a bowl and ask Mrs. Sufferfest to do the selecting! Have fun on National Day - and thanks so much for being a guys are just fantastic!

David McQuillen

David McQuillen
David McQuillen


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