Sufferlandrian National Day - The Day of Suffering - March 31st/April 1st

It's time to Suffer Together!

You have Suffered for months. Often alone. You push yourself to dark places. You fly with Angels. You feel the fury. You are not alone. There are Sufferlandrians everywhere....and probably in your town. It's time to meet them at the first ever Sufferlandrian National Day: The Day of Suffering - a day to celebrate our spiritual home of pain, misery, agony and IWBMATTKYT. The Day of Suffering is March 31st/April 1st (whichever day works best for you). We've set up a site where you can see what towns are organising events already, or where you can organise one yourself! Just go to:

Now, this is a pretty informal affair, but there are some rules for The Day of Suffering:

  1. Event can be whatever the organiser whishes. Ride, group turbo session, watch the Tour of Flanders, have a bbq, drinking at a bar, whatever. However, some sort of suffering must be involved. This is only right.
  2. Tales of HONOR, GLORY AND VICTORY are required, preceded, of course, by stories of endless suffering.
We need organisers who will seek out fellow Sufferlandrians in their town and get them together. As an organiser you just need to:
  1. Figure out what to do on National Day
  2. Set-up the meeting here on Meet-Up Everywhere and help others in your town find you
  3. Let know so we can promote your event to other Sufferlandrians who might be nearby!


  • Organisers: All Day of Suffering Organisers will be entered into a draw to win a Sufferlanrian National Flag. Organisers who get more than three people to their event will be part of a 2nd draw to win a full set of Sufferfest National Team Kit (jersey + bib shorts).
  • Day of Suffering Participants: Day of Suffering Organisers who get more than five people to their event will receive codes for two free videos to give out as prizes for whatever contest the organiser see fit. All participants will also be put into a draw for a Sufferlandrian National Flag as well as a Jersey. We'll also think of a few prize categories as well. So more news coming.

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