We've been Ode'ed!

Just got an email with this  'Ode to the Sufferfest' by Sufferlandrian Poet Nancy Summers. Thought we'd share it with you!

"Ode to Sufferfest Yes, it’s another cold dreary morning and I jump on my trainer
My goals is to maximize time and pain, it’s really a no brainer.

With Sufferfest my adventures are many as all nine videos I do prize
Just me and my trainer…my sweat tells no lies.

With a click of the mouse, I start my favorite Local Hero
Cadence is 105, up from a zero

Now the shot of the cannon signals the start of my attack
Passing each competitor, leaving them one by one in the back.

Oh, Sufferfest you motivate and hurt me, which keeps me coming back for more
By the time I get to work I am usually a little bit sore.

My Sufferfest Chamber is my sanctuary and my haven...it’s what I do for me
I’m in the best shape of my life and the Sufferfest videos are the key."

Daniel McQuillen
Daniel McQuillen


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