The Healing Power of Suffering

Sufferlandrians - I just got this email from a fellow Sufferlandrian. I figured I'd share it with you - Suffering can be, in a way, a healing process and an escape. It means to much to me that the 'fest videos can help someone like this. Thanks very much to the author for allowing me to publish this


Things have been bad lately. Stress accumulated, saddle time diminished, and a few personal issues began to get to me. My method of dealing with stress was robbed from me by unfamiliar, treacherous roads, bad weather conditions, and less time to ride. I hit a low point yesterday where a full on anxiety attack "that's absurd, I feel fine, there's got to be something medically wrong!" sent me to the ER. First time ever. I'm not the type, really. Not that there's a type, but situations like these call for self conscious disclaimers.

Enough was enough. Despite not really being able to afford it, I replaced my ten-months dead trainer last night (I scorched the hydraulics on an early model Cyclops, they really should have a "not for hungry sprinters" label on those suckers). For the first ride, I popped in a copy of Angels upon heavy suggestion from a teammate.

I've been thinking about it all day. In fact, I just got home and bought the nine pack. I've never had that much fun or hurt so deep on a trainer. Seriously, thank you. That workout pulled my brain out of a very dark, lonely place. Everything was a little easier today.

I hope others have already told you that the benefits of your work stretch beyond making people faster during their seasons of glorious hurt. However, just in case they haven't, I thought I should. Sincerely, this sounds hyperbolic and maudlin, but while I'm sure your videos will give me a great head start on racing next season, they have already immediately improved my quality of life.


A Sufferlandrian

David McQuillen
David McQuillen


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