Why we charge $11.99

More than 68 reviews online are saying that our cycling workout videos are the best in the world. That makes me incredibly happy because I put my heart and soul into creating these. As a consequence, I've been getting asked a lot lately why I don't raise our prices when all other cycling workout videos cost about $39.99. I'm not going to. Here is why:
  • I started making these videos for people like me. I would not pay $40 for a cycling DVD.
  • I think of 'fest videos like buying a music album. And those cost about $11.99.
  • I want everyone to be able to buy one - so it has to be afforable. I don't want this to be some kind of rich person thing. The 'fest believes in equal opportunity suffering for all. It's more about helping people enjoy their time on the turbo trainer and getting faster, than making $40 bucks.
  • By offering downloads, I can save the cost of producing DVDs (not only the cost of producing plastic, which is wasteful, but of getting license rights for DVDs, which is more expensive than downloads).
  • Of course, I have to charge something. These cost me a lot of money to make. Ignoring the approximately 250+ hours it take for me to make one 'fest video, there are: the fees it costs to license the videos, the fees for licensing music, transaction fees, hosting fees, design fees, advertising fees, pizza and beer for those late nights designing workouts, fees for fees I never thought about, and more.
So, the price remains $11.99 per video. I think it's fair. And I hope you think that you got more than your money's worth!
David McQuillen
David McQuillen


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