We get mail.

A couple of Sufferlandrians were kind enough to stop flogging themselves for a few minutes and write in with some feedback on the vids.

Thought I'd share their comments with you.

Dear David,

I am truly blessed. I have finally found someone who is "sicker" than I am. I thought I "hated" Revolver and totally despised Downward Spiral. They are NOTHING !!!!!!!!! compared to the "joy" of hearing angels sing at the end of A Very Dark Place. You have outdone yourself and I want to congratulate you. You are ill and I can't wait for your next trip down that dark lane.

On a serious note, I want to thank you. I had a wonderful season and I thank Sufferfest for adding to my training the intensity and focus that were needed to complete the miles that I set out to do this year.

Steve C

Hi David,

I know I already gave my thumbs up to your 'fest videos, but I feel that once is not quite enough. But a bit of background on myself first.

I'm 42 and used to race road/mtb 20 years ago. Probably a good senior 3/bad senior 2 racer. Just your typical weekend warrior. After 5 years of racing I got burned out, sold all my gear and stopped the bicycle thing all together. 3 years ago I moved provinces and jobs that put me behind a computer; resulting in a weight gain of 40lbs and I felt pretty disgusted with myself. I started biking again 18 months ago "recreationally" I thought; I don't want to do that "race shit" as I called it. Well, the competitive virus I had 20 years ago never really went away and I hooked up with a local club here who race and started the entire process again of pain, intervals, and the money trap of buying expensive kit.  Last winter was my first year of trainer rides, which kept my fitness up, but at a terrible cost of watching Coach Troy on Spinervals. I dreaded doing it again this year as it's akin to torture. Somewhere this summer, I saw (I believe on facebook) your page and then I then saw a competitor in a race this August wearing the Sufferfest kit (Wayne from Nova Scotia). I started poking around and saw the trailers for the videos. I was sucked in. Bought the kit and  all 7 videos in September! (and yes, the stickers that came with the kit are now all over the place!)  If it was Spinervals, I wouldn't even think of the trainer until December.

I'm currently doing the local cyclocross race series here in October/November (lot of fun, but God, its an intense workout, slogging in mud) and use the 'fest videos once/week to keep working the high intensity. Last year, if someone told me, "Allan, you will be riding the trainer doing intervals in October", I would have either called them delusional or knock their block off for bringing up such a terrible concept.

Now, I look forward to the trainer workout, doing a different one each week (probably A Very Dark Place tomorrow) and I can't wait to see how high I can bring the pain level up, knowing that each #$#%$ interval I do will make me that little bit stronger for the rest of the season and certainly for next year. My performance level is getting close to where I was in my 20's and I expect to get there next year. I still remember my best average speed for a 15k TT (42k/hr) so if I can reach that average next year, I know that I did it. I also lost 50lb!! in 18 months and weigh the same as I did when I was 20.

Your videos will certainly play a part in reaching my goal for next year, as my enthusiasm for them and the results they will create is very high, so I want to send you a very big THANK YOU for creating these.


Allan S.

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