Reviews of A Very Dark Place

It's been getting dark now for a couple of days, and in that time a few reviews of A Very Dark Place, our new cycling workout video, have popped out. Obviously, the video was not hard enough if these bloggers were able to pull coherent thoughts together afterwards, but do have a read.

Industry Outsider - "Phenomenal."
Team HasBean - "No punches pulled."
Training Wheels  - "Rode it last night at 8pm. Took till 11am to recover."
Quadrathalon - "Masochistic."
Gazzetta CC - "My face spent much of the time about 2cm from my stem."
Anello Grande - "50 minutes of suffering."
In The Saddle - "Do I really deserve to suffer so much?"
Tribeccato - "If you don’t know what The Sufferfest is, you need to educate yourself ASAP." Faster Further Fitter - "Prove to yourself you are not weak."
Learning How to Suffer - "Gorgeous." 

And here is a review from 12 year-old Griffin Schwartz. Griffin lives in Canada, but is an elite member of the Sufferlandrian National Junior Team (Sufferlandria allows dual citizenship).

I think an early sign of a good training video is when your face is already red before you start the intervals. But honestly, I think the video could be harder......LOL! Actually no, because I think my Dad was close to throwing up by the third interval.The video is really tough. I especially like how the intervals differ from one another, the first one is steady, the second very gradually gets harder, the third one has some slight accelerations, the fourth one has some really hard attacks and the fifth one is just a really, really tough climb. I enjoyed the humour (I mean, as much as one can enjoy humour while in A Very Dark Place).

I also like that it’s a very different kind of workout than the other 6 ‘Fests that we have, so it’s nice to have another type of workout to choose from. Even though it might seem boring to just have the same intervals, in fact it’s still interesting because of the changes in footage and music.

And speaking of footage, it’s just awesome -- and YAY, it’s in better resolution than older Sufferfests! MUCH better looking on our TV! It gets you super motivated to work hard. The way the video is put together is great. It's very well edited. The music, what I heard of it, was good.

All-in-all, a must-have addition to our Library-O-Suffering!


Griffin and his (about to throw-up) Dad in Sufferlandrian National Team Kit

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