Email from a longtime Sufferlandrian

Amanda, a Sufferlandrian who has been with us since we released our first video, recently sent me this email which I thought I'd share with you all. I love it because even elite athletes from other sports can benefit from a little trip to Sufferlandria now and again.

Hi David,

As you know, I've been training with The Sufferfest for two years now - it's the cornerstone of my endurance training for rugby. I do at least one Suffer-session per week, using the longer interval videos in the off-season and Revolver and The Downward Spiral in pre-season. During the competition phase, I mix it around depending on other training demands.

Anyway, at the National Championships this year, I performed very well. One independent strength and conditioning professional estimated my fitness to be in the top 5% of all players in the country - pretty impressive when you consider most others in the top 15 % would be in the Australian Rugby Union's (ARU) training squad!

And, in fact, the ARU calculated some statistics from the final and concluded I had the highest workrate in the country and recommended my inclusion in the Australian 7s squad on the basis of my "outstanding" performance. I'm extremely proud of that, and while I do a lot of other training, my endurance is a testament to the effectiveness of the Sufferfest videos and I hope you are proud of that, too :)

The Aussie Sevens squad won't take me on the basis that I'm too old and they're preparing for the 2016 Olympics. But next month, I have the opportunity to play against them in a 7s tournament and you can be sure I'll make them suffer for not including me on such a silly basis ;)

Hope this finds you well.

I'm very much looking forward to A Dark Place!


David McQuillen
David McQuillen


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