The Book of Suffering - Now available and FREE!

You got dressed 20 minutes ago and have been sitting in the chair since then. Finally, you rise. You look at the bike. The bike on the turbo trainer. You adjust the straps on your shoes - but they don't need more adjusting. Enough delay. Get on with it.

You approach the book on the counter - you open it, seeking inspiration from words, from images of other lonely bike torture chambers. "Know how sublime a thing it is to suffer and be strong," says Longfellow. You close the book - The Book of Suffering - and get on the bike.

You proceed to beat the absolute hell out of yourself.

Sufferlandrians, we give you The Book of Suffering. It's a collection of our favourite quotes about suffering, and includes a bunch of shots of Bike Torture Chambers around the world. (Thanks to all those who provided Bike Torture Chamber shots over the past two years - I wish I could have used all of them!)

The book is free. Share it with your friends. Put up your favorite quotes on your wall. Enjoy the suffering.

It's a PDF, 6mb and just over 100 pages. I recommend printing it out on a color printer, double sided in A4 or Letter sized.

Download The Book of Suffering (PDF)

The Book of Suffering

David McQuillen
David McQuillen


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