Some recent mail to Sufferfest Studios

Got some mail in the past few days that I thought I'd share with you guys. I love it when fellow Sufferlandrians kick some ass!


You dont know me but your videos helped me more than I can thank you for. I started riding in 2006 to loose weight (270 lbs) droppped about 40lbs and in 2007 decided to try racing. Well every race I entered I got dropped, same in 2008, 2009, and 2010. This winter I decied to bear down loose more lbs and set up a training plan. This is where you come in, I found your website, bought a couple of your videos for indoor training. I live in Michigan, so getting outside in the spring is hit or miss, but I took advantage of every day I could get outside. On 4-2-11 I entered the FRCC Spring Fling #2 C race....I won the darn thing!!!!! I felt strong and powerful, yeah I know it's a C race but I couldn't be happier. Thank You Very much

Linc M.


Hey David,

Started my 2nd year of racing last weekend.  The first road race of the year, 65 miles of 30-40 mph sustained winds and 50mph gusts.  Not to mention my first race in Cat 4, Masters 45+.  I placed 7th out of 30.  My first top 10 road race, and I owe a great deal of that success to you and Sufferlandia.  You all beat me down 4 times a week for the entire off season and got me in shape so I could attack with 5 miles to go, uphill, in a 40 mph crosswind.  Last year my fat ass would have soft pedaled in.

Steve T.


Hi David,

Just wanted to let you guys at sufferfest know how awesome your videos are. I have the Angels and can truly say that I have not hurt this bad on the bike for years. I've been doing wednesday night sufferfests for a few weeks now rather than self-directed intervals on the road and my weekend rides have improved to the point that my riding buddies are asking "WTF just happened???" I'll be getting all your videos for sure. Keep up the great work!!!




I've been on Chris Carmichael's The Time-Crunched Cyclist competitor program for two weeks and am midway through my race season. I've never yelled so desperately for anything as I yelled "3! 3! 3 2 1 dammit!" during the 3rd cyclocross clip. I've also never yanked my bike out of the trainer by getting out of the saddle so hard I thought I would shear my pedals off the crank arms. And I've also never almost passed out riding indoors. I did all these things during Revolver. Nice work.


David McQuillen
David McQuillen


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