Buy a video, get a free Wattbike! (wait, think I got that the wrong way around.)


We've just teamed up with Wattbike, who make coolest indoor bike of all time, to give away a free 'fest video with every Wattbike purchase (they seemed to think the other way around was a little too generous...but you know how we are!). I love these bikes - they look soooooo cool. They're a bit expensive, but, hey, what price can you put on some serious IWBMATTKYT?

If you follow Wattbike on Facebook or Twitter, you'll also get the chance to win a free 'fest video. Details of the 'contest', which ends in a few days, are here:

She's clearly not doing a 'fest video at the moment.

Daniel McQuillen
Daniel McQuillen


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