'Canadian Cycling' magazine reviews the 'fest

They love to Suffer up north. The print edition of 'Canadian Cyclist' just came out with a review of the 'fest. As I grew up just across Lake Erie from Canada, it's heartwarming to know that my Canadian brothers and sisters are suffering their assess off this winter.

Here's the review:

Sufferfest Trainer Videos
Produced by David McQuillen
Reviewed by Peter Shupe

Finding the motivation to keep training inside during the winter months can be challenging. David McQuillen, an American now living in Singapore, was bored of the cycling workouts he found online, so he set out to create his own. Using actual ProTour and World Championship race footage licensed by the UCI and a mix of electronic and alternative rock music, McQuillen’s Sufferfest Studios has created a series of five fantastic training videos that will keep your interest and make you sweat.

McQuillen says his videos are some of the hardest and most exciting around, and we agree. The workouts – which are mostly an hour long including the warm-up and cool down – are intense. Downward Spiral is an interval workout based on footage from Paris-Roubaix and Fleche-Wallone; Angels focuses on climbing; Revolver is a 45-minute killer lunchtime workout; Fight Club is tempo riding filled with surprise attacks; and The Hunted is the newest release, featuring some longer efforts like a five-minute time trial and a 20-minute climb.

Riders will appreciate the clear audio cues used in the movies. Even if you’re not looking at the screen, you’ll know when it’s time to hit the gas pedal or back off. The video footage is also excellent. Nothing beats trying to drop Alberto Contador on a climb up Alpe d’Huez.

All of the videos are available for download at for $10.99 us d each. There are also group versions available for $16.99, which include the same videos with no music so instructors can make up their own classes. The video files are quite large, so you’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to download them. But they’re definitely worth the wait. These are some of the best training videos ever made.

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