Alternative music playlists

Music is an incredibly personal thing. We LOVE music - are obsessed with it. And that's why we work so hard on our music selections. Of course, everyone has their favorite music, though, and wants to listen to that during the workouts. One  'fester, Jason, sent me in a playlist that he created for Revolver. He plays the video on his TV and then listens to his stuff on his iPod. In case you're looking for a new set of tunes, all of them (according to Jason) are available on iTunes.

Also, if you are interested in more playlists, check out listings in the 'Music/Playlists' section of our Indoor Resources page.

Warm Up  New Divide-Linkin Park/ Ready, Steady, Go-Oakenfold/

Interval 1  Gold Guns Girls-Metric

Interval 2  Super Villain-Powerman 5000

Interval 3  Rock Star (Jason Nevins Remix Edit)-N.E.R.D. on the Blue Crush Sound Track

Interval 4  Tell 'EM-Sleigh Bells

Interval 5  Time Bomb-Powerman 5000

Interval 6  Move-Thousand Foot Krutch

Interval 7  Woman-Wolfmother

Interval 8  Right Now-SR-71 & Honor Among Theives

Interval 9  Name of the Game-The Crystal Method

Inverval 10  Nth Degree-Morningwood

Interval 11  King of the Stereo-Saliva

Interval 12  Free-Powerman 5000

Interval 13 Ride the Wind-Poison

Interval 14 Wild Side-Motley Crue

Interval 15 Blow Me Away-Breaking Benjamin

Interval 16 Show Me What You've Got-Powerman 5000

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