This one brought a tear to our beautiful...

This just arrived in the Sufferfest Studios inbox. Sigh. We just love fan mail.

Dear sufferfest,

This notification is just a friendly reminder (not a drill bit although I wish it was one, coursing through your liver) that on Mar 30, 2010, you willingly and with malice aforethought sold me something from the Sufferfest Store. This sin will appear on your soul as "wilfully hurting another human being" and is a reminder that you will get yours, in good time, you bastard. If I could find a way to charge you with large electrodes to the private parts I would. Instead, I will force you to wimper at the pain of having to sell more of your odious items to people who lack the judgment to Just Say No.

Happily, beer helps.


David McQuillen
David McQuillen


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